UPDATED: 5.03.2023

Ready to fight in a PFC Professional Pillow Fighting match? Get your PFC Combat Pillow & Study the official PFC rules (below).


● Swing pillow at full force

● Dodge/Avoid strikes to the head

● Incorporate showmanship into fight

● Perform special moves as defined

● Only strike with pillow

● Hold all straps with one hand


  • ● Don’t hit opponent with any part of your body

    ● Don’t drop your pillow

    ● Do not grab opponent or their pillow

    ● No pushing or charging opponent

    ● No two-handed overhead strikes


Knockdown – When a fighter causes an opponent to “fall down” or touch the floor of the ring with a third point of support, which can be any part of the body. No points will be awarded if an opponent falls and was not caused by a strike from the fighter.

360° – a full 360°spin followed by a strike to opponent’s head, whether blocked or not.

Strike to Head – strike to the head with pillow, whether blocked or not.

Showmanship – includes acts such as repeatedly dodging a series of strikes from opponent, or performing an acrobatic type move-such as a summersault or cartwheel that ends with a strike that awards you a point, or getting airborne-with both feet off the ground and ends with a strike to opponent that awards you a point.

Any fighter that strikes their opponents leg causing opponent to become “unbalanced” meaning “temporarily unbalanced – the appearance of faltering due to the leg strike” will be awarded one point.


Matches are scored on a points-based system. Strikes must be swung at “full force” to count for points. If match ends in a tie, a 30 second tiebreaker round will commence. Each match will be scored by 3 judges.

Points Awarded Per Round:

Strike to Head = 1 point (This is important, going forward, any strike to the head, whether blocked or not, will count as a strike to head, and will be awarded 1 point. For example, if fighter 1 is holding their pillow in their right hand, and has their left hand positioned on the left side of their head to block a strike to the left side of their head, and fighter 2 lands a pillow strike with full force to the left side of fighter 1’s head, fighter 2 will be awarded a point. Therefore the only way to avoid a strike to your head and keep your opponent from scoring a point, is to dodge your opponents strike to the head.)

(To be awarded points for above moves, strikes must land with full force)

360° Strike to the Head = 3 points

Knockdown = 5 points

● Leg Strike Unbalanced = 1 point 

If fighter breaks the pillow (not the handles) = 3 points


● A floored/knocked down fighter has ten seconds to get up before losing the match by knockout.

● A fighter may not push or charge into their opponent with any part of the body.

● You cannot grab or hold on to your opponent or opponent’s pillow.

● You cannot hold the pillow stationary over your head.

● At all times fighters must keep 4’ between themselves during a round – no crowding.

● Fighters are not allowed to fully extend their non-pillow holding arm in front of them.

● Fighter may not stand still for more than 3 seconds.

● Fighters may use their non-pillow holding arm to push/move the opponents non-pillow holding arm. Fighters cannot at any time grab their opponents non-pillow holding arm. Grabbing your opponent’s arm will result in a point deduction. Repeated violations could disqualify the fighter.

● No open wounds, long fingernails, or jewelry.

● No spitting, cursing, or foul language.

● Referee will deduct a point from a repeat offender of any rule after a warning.

All fighters are expected to give 100% effort and behave with complete sportsmanship.

●Overhead hits must be one hand only. No two handed overhead hits.

●Adult Fighters: must hold all six pillow straps in one hand. PFCKIDZ fighters: must hold all 4 straps with one hand

● Referee will deduct 1 point for a violation. If a fighter repeats the same violation, 3 points are deducted. If a fighter repeats the same violation for a third time, the fighter forfeits the match.

● Referee has the authority to stop the fight and reset the clock to ensure a full 90 second round

● Fighter will forfeit the match if they are found damaging the pillow.  The pillow cannot be damaged by striking anything other than the opponent.   The referee will inspect both pillows for damage before each fight and during each rest period.

All fighters are expected to give 100% effort and behave with complete sportsmanship.

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